Programmatic advertising

Reach Wiener Börse’s exclusive target group

Programmatic advertising – reach Wiener Börse’s exclusive target group

As a modern, innovative company that plays a pivotal role in the Austrian capital market, Wiener Börse AG also focuses on contemporary, efficient solutions for its own communication and advertising activities. Lunik2 has now been supporting Wiener Börse with its digital transformation (including programmatic advertising) for nearly two years and is developing a forward-looking concept to exclusively market the company’s online inventory.

Premium advertising space at

Together with Lunik2, Wiener Börse is developing into a unique financial publisher, offering partners, investors and companies completely new, goal-oriented options for reaching target groups with prime advertising space on its website,

Programmatic advertising beyond the Wiener Börse website

Reach your exclusive target group even when they’re not on the Wiener Börse website. Programmatic advertising makes it possible to reach your target group everywhere and any time on the Internet. Formats: Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Medium Rectangle, Billboard, Sitebar, Half-page ad, Pre-roll ads.

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